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A Little Catch-Up

Please forgive my absence here on short for molybdenum.  It’s been a busy few months!  That’s not a great excuse for not writing, but I intend to make up for it by enlightening you on what exactly I’ve been up to…

So let’s see, this is what happened in MAY 2013:

1.) My last Handmade Market in NC.  The traffic wasn’t as great as the holiday market, but the enthusiasm was plentiful!

2.) The BIG move back home to Colorado!  That meant completing our North Carolina “bucket list” and saying goodbye to our wonderful friends there.  We enjoyed farm dinners, barbeques, and finally made it to the Outer Banks.

3.) My unforgettable bachelorette party

Happenings in JUNE 2013:

1.) Trip to Idaho.

JULY 2013

1.) Prepared for our wedding (Party favors, centerpieces, guest sign-in piece, flowers, programs)

2.) Got married!  (Wedding day photos courtesy of the amazing Amanda Kopp

3.) Went on a “Minimoon.”  Took a little road trip, starting in Crested Butte, CO ending in Driggs, ID.  Hikes, a 14er, camping, and love.

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1.) Westernaires Alumni rides.  Dusted off my cowgirl boots and revisited my riding days.

2.) Farm Dinner at Ollin Farms (thanks to my cousin, Erika!)


1.) Moved into our new home in Fort Collins, CO

So here we are in October.  So far the biggest news is we adopted a puppy (finally)!  His name is Vincent.

Thanks for tuning in!  Please keep your eyes peeled for a look at some of my new creations, as I prepare for the next craft show, the SUGAR PLUM BAZAAR, November 31-December 1!

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Back in the saddle again

What with a 6-month stint in Tanzania and an unforgettable sojourn in France, it’s kind of hard to beat a year like 2011.  As it turns out though, 2012 has also proven itself noteworthy.

Last year, Brian and I kept a blog that covered many of our observations and experiences while living in Tanzania, East Africa.  I enjoyed writing it so much at the time and have missed it since, that now, with a whole other–exciting for different reasons–year almost behind me, I thought it’d be a good time to dust off my keyboard and once again enter the blogosphere.

The main purpose of this new assignment is provide a fluid account of the happenings of my business, SCaVenGeR deSigNs, which took flight earlier this year, as well as to relay some interesting “scavenger” stories.  I don’t have an official website yet, so this will help fulfill that role too for the time being.

This year has been full of new gardening adventures, more travels, and ♥love♥ abound, so this blog will also serve the purpose of capturing (and sharing) some of the more banal, yet inspiring aspects of my quaint little life.

So whether you’re here to peruse my product line, get an update on my life, or browse for inspiration, I hope you enjoy short for molybdenum.

p.s.  I actually started this a while ago, so get ready for some retroactive posts!

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My Year of Eating Locally

...a 365-day food and life experiment